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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Practice Quiz for All Competitive Exams


1. The first Europeans to visit India were the?
1 English 
2 Spanish
3 Danish 
4 Portuguese
2. Which of the following throws light on Harappan culture?
1 Writing in terracota seals 
2 Rock Edicts
3 Archaeological excavations 
4 All of these
3. Who was the pioneer of higher education for Muslims in India? 
1 Syed Ali Imam 
2 Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
3 Badruddin Tyabji 
4 Amir Ali
4. Who among the following kings used to keep direct contact with the public?
1 Chandra Gupta Mourya 
2 Ashoka
3 Chandragupta Vikramaditya 
4 Bindusara
5. Marathas were defeated in the third Battle of Panipat (January 14, 1761 because?
1 Number of Afghans were more than Marathas
2 Weapons of Marathas were inferior to the weapons of Afghans
3 Marathas adopted wrong strategy during the battle
4 In the north Marathas separated Kings and common man from their side.
6. The earliest Indian-edited newspaper, a Bengali Journal called Samavad Kaumudi, was founded by?
1 Dayanand Saraswati 
2 Mahatma Hans Raj
3 Raja Ram Mohan Roy 
4 Satyanand Agnihotri
7. The titular Mughal king of Delhi on the outbreak of 1857 Revolt is?
1 Salar Jung 
2 Bahadur Shah Jaffar
3 Mohammad Shah Ransila 
4 Farruksiyar
8. The word Sardeshmukhi is associated with?
1 Music 
2 Religion
3 Revenue 
4 Education
9. The Mathura School of art flourished during the reign of?
1 Kanishka 
2 Kad phises-1
3 Vaishka 
4 Vasudeva
10. The Voice of India published extracts from the Indian Press. It was started by?
1 P. Ananda Charlu 
2 Bal Gangadhar Tilak 
3 Dadabhai Nauroji 
4 Surendranath Banerjee
11. The champaran Satyagraha was started by Mahatma Gandhi in the year?
1 1915 
2 1917
3 1919 
4 1930
12. Right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights by the?
1 Forty-second Amendment
2 Forty-fourth Amendment
3 Twenty-ninth Amendment
4 Twenty-sixth Amendment
13. The chairman and members of State Public Serivce Commission are appointed by the?
1 President 
2 Governor
3 Chairman of UPSC 
4 Prime Minister
14. Which parliamentary committee in India is normally chaired by a prominent member of the opposition?
1 Committee on Government Assurances
2 Estimates Committee
3 Previleges Committee
4 Public Accounts Committee
15. Compensatory and Contingency Financing Facility is a fund for helping member countries and is maintained by?
1 Asian Development Bank
2 The World Bank
3 The European Community
4 The International Monetary Fund
16. Untouchability is associated with?
1 Political Inequality 
2 Social inequality
3 Economic inequality 
4 Religious inequality
17. Among the Questions allowed by the speaker, which one is regarded as the most important?
1 Unstarred 
2 Starred
3 Supplementary 
4 Short notice
18. In India, five year plans for economic growth are finally approved by the?
1 Planning Commission
2 Financial Commission
3 Government of India
4 National Development Council
19. If a person is refused freedom of movement it means denial of ?
1 Civil Liberty 
2 Economic Liberty
3 National Liberty 
4 Political Liberty
20. The soils group which covers largest area in India is the?
1 Alluvial Soils 
2 Black soils
3 Red Soils 
4 Laterite soils
21. The important pass in Sikkim on the great Himalayan Range is?
1 Nathu La 
2 Shipkila
3 Jelep La 
4 Zor La
22. Which of the following ports of India is on the eastern Coast?
1 Tuticorn 
2 Cochin
3 Kandla 
4 Mumbai
23. Palghat joins which of the following States?
1 Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim
2 Maharastra and Gujarat
3 Kerala and Tamil Nadu
4 Sikkim and West Bengal.
24. Indira Gandhi canal originates from?
1 Gandhi Sagar Dam 
2 Bhakra Dam
3 Harike Barrage 
4 Hirakud Dam
25. The layer of the atmosphere which provides ideal flying conditions for large jet aeorplanes is?
1 Troposhere 
2 Stratosphere
3 Ionosphere 
4 Exosphere
26. The tribal population in Andaman and Nicobar islands belongs to the?
1 Australoid race 
2 Caucasoid race
3 Mongoloid race 
4 Negroid race
27. The largest variety of plants and animals are found in?
1 Tropical grasslands 
2 Tropical forests
3 Temperate forests 
4 Monson forests
28. The total coastline of India is more than?
1 5000 km. 
2 7000 km.
3 7500 km. 
4 8000 km.
29. Which part of India is closest to Indonesia?
1 Mizoram
2 Andaman and Nicobar Islands
3 West Bengal 
4 Tripura
30. The mountain range which stretches from Gujarat in the west to Delhi in the North is the?
1 Aravallis 
2 Vindhyas
3 Satpura 
4 Kaimur Range
31. The most reactive among the halogens is?
1 fluorine 
2 Chlorine 
3 bromine 
4 iodine
32. Cooking oil can be converted into vegetable ghee by the process of?
1 crystallisation 
2 distillation
3 oxidation 
4 hydrogenation
Score = Correct answers:
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The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and winners

The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, which wrapped up on 16th
Sep , often creates buzz for small independent films and gives wider
exposure to higher-profile projects that may compete for Oscars.
Following is a list of the festival's main prize winners:
Blackberry people's choice award

Overall: David O Russell's 'Silver Linings Playbook'
First runner-up: Ben Affleck's 'Argo'
Second runner-up: Eran Riklis' 'Zaytoun'
Documentary: Bartholomew Cubbins' 'Artifact'
First runner-up: Christopher Nelius and Justin McMillan's 'Storm Surfers 3D'
Second runner-up: Rob Stewart's 'Revolution'
Midnight Madness: Martin McDonagh's 'Seven Psychopaths'
First runner-up: Barry Levinson's 'The Bay'
Second runner-up: Don Coscarelli's 'John Dies at the End'
The prize of the international critics (Fipresci prize)
Francois Ozon for 'Dans la maison' in the Special Presentations category
Mikael Marcimain for 'Call Girl' in the Discovery Program, which
spotlights feature films by new and emerging directors
The city of Toronto and Canada goose award for best Canadian feature film
Xavier Dolan's 'Laurence Anyways'
The Skyy Vodka Award for best Canadian first feature film
A tie between Brandon Cronenberg's 'Antiviral' and Jason Buxton's 'Blackbird'
Award for best Canadian short film
Deco Dawson for 'Keep a Modest Head'


Monday, September 24, 2012

Study Material for GS :Geographical Discoveries

Discovery Discoveror Country Year
01 South Pole (Explored) Amundsen Norway 1911
02 North Pole (Explored) Robert Edwin Peary USA 1909
03 Hawaiian Island Captain James cook England 1770
04 Australia Captain James cook England -
05 Sea-route to India via the Cape of Good Hope Vasco-D-Gama Portugal 1498
06 Course of the Zambesi river,the Victoria Falls David Livingstone Scotland -
07 America Cristopher Columbus Italy 1497

Study Material for GS :Trades and Their Products List

No. Trade Products
1 Allwyn Refrigerator,steelfurniture,watches
2 Agfa Photo goods
3 Ambassador Car
4 Amul Butter,Ghee,Cheese,Chocolate
5 Aerolon Hair Spray
6 Atlas Bicycle
7 Avon Bicycle
8 Bata Shoes and rubber goods
9 Bayer Chemicals
10 Bajaj Scooters & Electrical Appliances
11 Binny's Cotton Textiles
12 Black Bird Fountain Pen
13 Black and black Whisky
14 Brooke Bond Tea
15 B.S.A. Motor Cycle,Bicycle
16 Brasso Brass Polish
17 Brylcream Hair Cream
18 Borolyn Antiseptic Skin Cream
19 Britannia Bread,Cake,Biscuit
20 Bigston Television
21 Burshane Cooking Gas
22 Binaca Tooth Paste,Tooth Brush,Powder
23 Cadbury Chocolate
24 Caltex Petroleum
25 Ceat Tyres
26 Chelpark Ink
27 Colt Revolver
28 Crown T.V.
29 Crompton Motors,Fans,Light
30 Cuticura Talcum powder,Soap
31 Cinthol Soap,Powder
32 Cobra Boot Polish
33 Daurala Sweets and Sugar
34 Dodge Motor Car
35 Eveready Batteries,Torches,Cell
36 Eastern Star Bicycle
37 Exide Batteries
38 Esso Petroleum
39 Flit Insecticide
40 Flex Shoes
41 Favre Leuba Watches
42 Firestone Tyres
43 Ford Motor Car,Truck,Tractor
44 Gem Refrigerators
45 Gillette Razor Blades
46 Godrej Safes,Soaps,Refrigerators,Steel Furniture
47 Grundig Electronic goods
48 Haig Whisky
49 Hercules Cycles
50 Hennol Hair Dye
51 Indane Cooking Gas
52 Kassel Fans
53 Kiwi Boot Polish
54 Kodak Photographic Goods
55 Kolynos Tooth Paste and Brush
56 Landmaster Motor Car
57 Lal Imli Wollens
58 Liberty Shirts
59 Max Factor Cosmetics
60 Mauser Pistol
61 Matador suitings
62 Murphy Radio
63 Nivea Skin Cream
64 Onida T.V.
65 Optrex Eye Drop
66 Omega Wrist Watches
67 Peps Throat Drugs
68 Panama Safety Razor Blades,Cigarettes
69 Parker Fountain Pen
70 Polson Butter
71 Pye T.V.,Radio
72 Philips Electrical Goods,Radio,Television
73 Quink Ink
74 Raleigh Bicycle
75 Remington Typewriter,Office equipment and machines
76 Enfield Motor Cycle
77 Rolex Watches
78 Silvikrin Hair Tonic
79 Shalimar Paints,Biscuits
80 Singer Sewing Machine
81 True Tone Hair Dye
82 Usha Fans,Sewing Machine
83 Voltas Air-conditioning,Refrigerators
84 Westclock Time-piece
85 Zeal Thermometer

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